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“Brazilliant™” Wax & Infusion Treatment

It’s Brazilliant™! A New Way to Look Good Down There.
You’ll love your brand new Brazilliant look. The package includes a Brazilian Wax plus Infusion therapy. The needle-free infusion technique delivers topical serum deep into your skin, restoring, rejuvenating, lifting and tightening. It helps reduce unsightly cellulite too. So make a date with Honeypot and get ready to shine for summer.

Brazilliant packages

Brazilliant™ Lite – HK$ 600 (Original: $840)

1 Regular Brazilian wax plus 1 bikini line infusion.

Brazilliant™ Lite Plus – HK$ 1,800 (Original: $2,040)

1 Regular Brazilian wax plus 4 bikini infusion.

Brazilliant™ Lite Premium – HK$ 2,400 (Original: $3,240)

1 Regular Brazilian wax plus 4 bikini infusion plus 1 IPL SR Bikini Rejuvenation.

Brazilliant™ – HK$ 800 (Original: $1,040)

Regular Brazilian wax plus Brazilian infusion.

Brazilliant™ Plus – HK$ 2,400 (Original: $2,840)

Regular Brazilian wax plus 4 Brazilian infusion.

Brazilliant™ Premium – HK$ 4,000 (Original: $5,640)

1 Regular Brazilian wax plus 4 Brazilian infusion plus 1 IPL SR Brazilian Rejuvenation.


Q: What is the difference between our Brazilliant™ vs regular Brazilian Wax?

“Brazilliant™” is our signature Brazilian Wax plus Infusion. Infusion delivers serum deep into your skin without needles to brighten and even out skin tone in the Brazilian area effectively.

Q: Is Infusion treatment painful?

Infusion is safe, non-invasive and involves no pain or discomfort. It only takes 5-10 minutes and your skin looks and feels fresh, firm and plump!

Q: What serums are you using?

We have different kind of serums for different purposes, all at high potency to achieve superior results. For more details, please speak to our friendly kitties.