Hong Kong laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal

Honeypot offers permanent hair reduction using state of the art 808nm diode laser with contact cooling. Machines are FDA and CE approved. Laser hair removal is popular for customers who do not like the hassle of waxing every 4 weeks. An average customer will need to have 5-7 treatments to achieve permanent hair reduction.

Safe and versatile laser epilation

  • Uses diode 808 nm, which is versatile for yellow, white and dark skin type
  • Contact cooling to make treatment comfortable
  • Big hand piece with size 4.5 cm squared which makes treatment fast
  • FDA cleared and with CE certification
  • One of the most versatile and efficient system in the world


How many sessions do I need?

8 treatments is more than enough for an average person. Also by the 6th-7th treatment the therapist may advise the client to change to the IPL hand piece as the hair gets finer. The rationale for doing this is to use the lower wavelength IPL (590nm onwards) to mop up the residual hair which would otherwise be hard for a 800-810nm diode or 755nm Alexandrite laser to target. Of course the client can still choose to use laser if they want but IPL will work better when the hair gets finer.
Customers who do not have any hair after the 5th to 7th treatment will not be disadvantaged in anyway vs. customers who need 8 treatments to get rid of residual hair. They can substitute the remaining treatments with IPL skin rejuvenation, Infusion electro-mesotheraphy or wax away residual hair.
According to FDA, laser is permanent hair reduction (can’t claim permanent hair removal), there could be a slight possibility that there could be slight regrowth after the one year package. We do have maintenance package at minimal cost for our customers who have completed the one year course to get rid of residual hair using laser after one year. These customers are also entitled to discount on our waxing services to get rid of residual hair as if there are any regrowth, it is likely to be minimal.
That is the advantage of being Honeypot’s customer as we cover the spectrum of hair removal solutions, from waxing, IPL and laser.
*Laser hair removal is classified as permanent hair reduction per US FDA. Be careful of merchants making unrealistic claims given the lack of regulations in certain jurisdiction.

Why choose Honeypot for laser hair removal?

Honeypot has been in the hair removal business for 12 years in the Asia Pacific region. We have served more than 200,000 customers across the Asia Pacific region. Our mission is to offer affordable hair removal services to our customers in the salon setting.
We take a very serious view on safety, and we do not totally agree with how relaxed the regulations are here in Hong Kong. Hence it took a while for us to enter the laser market. The machines we have were procured with the view on offering clients effective yet safe treatments in a salon setting.

What machine is Honeypot using?

Honeypot’s laser machine is a multi-platform machine with flexibility of using diode, Nd-YAG and IPL. The machine is FDA cleared with CE certification with the best in class components. The diode array has very fast recharging. The fast recharging means we are able to finish the treatment faster than some of the other diode lasers available in the market.
The 808nm wavelength is versatile for skin type I-IV. The selection process was based on our client base, ranging from across different ethnic groups.

What are the special features with your machine?

Most laser treatments go wrong when the therapist choose a wrong setting so we have a melanin meter to guide the therapist.
The melanin meter guides the therapists on the right energy level to use before the treatment. This is to ensure that there is an objective anchor for the therapists so they do not deviate too much from the suggested energy levels. There is a tradeoff between treatment effectiveness and safety, and having this device help to strike the right balance.
There are 2 options to the treatment. Stamping using the diode handpiece or continuous/painting mode. Stamping is more effective as the energy level is targeted directly while the painting mode spreads the energy level across a specified area. The painting mode will save more time to the customer though the energy level is spread across a wider area. We can finish full legs in about 30-40 minutes using the stamping mode, and about 20mins using painting mode.
Size of the handpiece- The size of the big handpiece is about 4.5cm squared. This is by far one of the largest hand piece you can see in the market.

Why does Honeypot choose a diode laser instead of alexandrite laser or Nd Yag?

There are many good lasers in the market. The 755 nm Alexandrite laser is very powerful and used by some established doctors while the 800-810 nm diode series are normally used by both salons and clinics.
In theory the longer wavelength helps avoid skin damage and pigmentation changes that are more likely to happen with shorter wavelength laser types on Asian skin. The 808 nm diode laser performs well on coarse, dark hair and is a good choice for back or bikini hair. The machine we use is also commonly used in United States, London, Singapore and India. The IPL hand piece complements the diode laser by using it in the last stage after most the heavy lifting have been done by the diode laser.
Although the melanin absorption for alexandrite is better than diode, we believe it suits the Caucasian skin more than the Chinese skin given the wavelength. Also, the risk of PIH (post inflammatory hypo/hyperpigmentation) is likely to be lower for the diode. We avoid machines that could possibly need medical intervention hence the diode was chosen.
The best in class 755nm requires an experienced operator preferably with lots of medical experience. In some clinics, doctors have to use hydroquinone to pre medicate the client prior to using laser treatment of lower wavelength. This is to prevent the possibility of PIH which is more likely to happen in Asian/darker skin with lower wavelength laser. PIH can happen for laser and IPL when the esthetician chooses a level too high for the customer. Hence we chose the diode laser that will do the job well yet minimizes the risk of PIH and prefer to only move into the 755nm when we have the appropriate medical support to pre medicate the client prior to treatment. As for the 1064nm Nd-Yag, we have the option to add that solution should we have enough demand.
HK regulations are very relaxed compared to other jurisdictions so some salons are using machines that are more suitable in a medical clinic setting without the appropriate safeguards to customers. We are not in a position to say what should be done. However, coming from Singapore, we take a more conservative view on this and eventually chose an effective diode machine that is more suitable for a salon setting.

Do I need to prepare anything before the treatment?

Do not sun tan 2 weeks before the treatment. Please let us know if you are on any long term medications. We will not serve any clients who is pregnant or suspected to be pregnant. We also do not serve any client who is on Accutane, or any form of diuretics. All clients will have to complete a consultation form to make sure you are suitable for laser treatment.

Why are some of Honeypot’s competitors pricing laser cheaply? Is laser at Honeypot expensive?

Honeypot, among other reputable salons, uses proper machines and we price our treatment at a reasonable cost.
Laser hair removal should not be cheap but sometimes priced very cheap for the following reasons.
A number of salons are using machines made in the developing countries which are underpowered with very weak diode array and not FDA approved. These machines are often priced much lower vs. a proper FDA approved machine so they do have a lower cost base. Some of these machines can only do a ‘laser shave’, burning the top portion of the hair but not really targeting the hair follicles. A ‘laser shave’ will give the customers false impression that the hair is gone before they grow back shortly. That is why customers have to keep going back for these ‘unlimited treatments’, good for the businesses, bad for customers.
Diode lasers also need recalibration from time to time (at least once a year), the likelihood of a machine being off calibration is of course higher for a salon offering ‘unlimited treatments’ using a cheap machine. Off calibration can be serious as there were cases when the therapist selects a certain amount of Joules but actually more/less energy is being delivered to the client. Our machines are calibrated and serviced at least once a year and we do not run high turnover unlimited treatments.

Where is a good place to do laser hair removal?

Customers should use a salon or clinic where the therapists or doctors know what they are doing, with very good SOPs, a good machine and try to stick to the same therapist if possible. All treatments should be logged.
Customers should do their research on the salons before they sign up a package. Our laser packages have a 7 day cooling off period, and no processing fee for refunds for cash payments.

Is laser hair removal painful?

Yes, it can be painful, like a rubber band snapping on a skin. Our therapist will adjust the fluence according to the pain tolerance of the client.

Which one is better, Laser Hair Removal vs. IPL?

Both are good treatments. Laser hair removal is more powerful than IPL and need less treatments to have long term hair reduction. If you are just concerned only with hair removal, you should choose mostly laser given it is more efficient. IPL on the other hand, uses a spectrum of light and also helps to rejuvenate the skin in the process. IPL works better for fairer skin and thinner hair. Based on the feedback from numerous clinical trainers, we feel that a combination of both laser and IPL hand pieces works best. Laser to do the heavy lifting and IPL to finish up the residual fine hair given the lower wavelength of our IPL handpiece.
Our IPL handpiece has one of the highest energy density in the world. IPL is also slightly less painful compared to laser and is suitable for people who are less tolerant to pain. For customers who want to brightening effect, they can also opt for our IPL TwinWin package which is IPL combined with infusion therapy.