Brazilian waxing in Hong Kong

Brazilian Waxing

When it comes to your sweet spot, Honeypot is all about maintaining the best standards of hygiene. Our professionally trained Honeypot kitties use only our special in-house wax to give you the purrfect wax job. Our paws are never gloveless and there is strictly no double dipping of our spatulas.


Basic Bikini – HK$ 250

This is the most conservative form of the Brazilian wax. Fuzz is neatly trimmed and the small sides of the bikini line are waxed.

The In Between – HK$ 325

This is a step up from the basic bikini. The sides of the pubic triangle are waxed, leaving a trimmed medium strip at the front.

The Butterfly – HK$ 350

The fuzz is neatly trimmed at the front. The Butterfly will only have the labia and butt cleavage waxed.

Hollywood – HK$ 440

Sexy with a capital S, this will see all of the front, labia and butt cleavage waxed.

Playboy – HK$ 450

The whole front, labia and butt cleavage are waxed leaving a thin landing strip shaped like and inverted triangle at the front.

L’Amour – HK$ 465

Love cannot be any more discreet than our L’Amour. The whole front, labia and butt cleavage are waxed leaving behind a heart at the front.

Brazilian Waxing FAQ

Honeypot’s mascot Sex Kitty answers your questions.

Q: How do I pick the best waxing salon?

A: Waxing is not like a manicure or a haircut, where the worst case is you just have to redo your nails if they are badly done or grow your hair out. A badly done Brazilian wax can cause a lot of discomfort or even pain, but it does not have to be that way. Read on to learn more.

Q: How do I make sure my Brazilian wax is painless?

A: For a start, my advice will be to go to a salon that specializes in nothing but waxing and hair removal services. Brazilian waxing will usually be their forté because the therapists are only focused on providing a specific service, i.e. hair removal.

Q: Does the type of wax a salon use affect the result?

A: Make sure that the salon uses premium waxes which are of creamier texture. At Honeypot, our wax kitties only use our Cherry Pie Hot wax that we have been using for the last ten years with improvisation along the way to adjust the formulation of the wax to have a better and creamier texture.

Q: Does the skill level of a therapist matter?

A: It is pointless if a salon carries the best wax but have poorly trained therapist. To ensure a most comfortable Brazilian wax, therapists have to undergo stringent training for weeks. Honeypot Kitties (therapists) undergo the most stringent training over weeks before they are allowed to serve any customers.

Q: Does Honeypot offer packages?

A. Yes. Honeypot offers packages but they are relatively affordable compared to other salons. The smaller size of our packages is to ensure our customers aren’t locked into long term contracts to give them the security and comfort factor, and to keep us working hard to achieve our high standard for every wax. The sole purpose of our packages is to offer discounts to our loyal customers. All our packages have expiry dates depending on the size to ensure customers can finish the packages within a reasonable time period. Honeypot also monitors the demand and capacity conditions before selling any packages to customers so that we do not run into capacity issues or get into a situation where customers cannot redeem their packages. However, always remember to book ahead to secure your preferred time slot, especially before public holidays and long weekends.

Q: Why choose Honeypot?

A: Honeypot has footprint across 6 countries in Asia and has won awards every year since we opened our doors eleven years ago. We were already established in South East Asia when waxing was still relatively new in Hong Kong. Thanks to our regional footprint, we have the scale to invest in Research and Development to develop our Cherry Pie Wax which has proven to be one of the most painless in the region. You will feel the difference as most of our competitors in Hong Kong order their wax directly from their wax supplier without any modifications and then market their services (a homogeneous product) as “premium”. Honeypot also work with established medical clinics in Central and can provide referral to an experienced medical practitioner should you need to seek medical advice. With that in mind and a brave step forward, pick up the phone and make your call today. Chances are once you have done it with Honeypot, you will not look back again.